Offseason Transition

By Apogee Performance

This plan is designed to offer some guidance on what to do when your last race is over but you aren't quite ready to hang the bike up for the year. The training plan is 8 weeks in duration and incorporates riding, weight training sessions and running. The riding is mostly fun, zone 2 endurance riding, with some group riding and a bit of off road riding for those with a mtb or cx bike (those that don't can just stick to the road). The plan also includes running works to switch it up and to improve bone density and joint health in cyclists. There is also a weight training regimen that starts out in the prep phase of lifting and moves into strength training. The last two weeks of this training plan are completely off the bike and are designed to be the time where no riding is done to recover from the previous year of training to get ready for training for the following year. Running and strength training are performed during these two weeks.
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