Something that I had not experienced with a coach before Taylor is his willingness to go out of his way to check in on his athletes. Being able to debrief with him after races and tough workouts is incredibly important, and serves as a fantastic learning experience. Taylor has also worked hard to constantly be improving as a coach. He regularly asks for feedback on how his training structures are working and how he can make them fit better with my schedule, as well as smaller things like clarifying workouts.
-Michael Samelson Samelson takes 3rd out of the days breakaway in his first cat 3 road race
Taylor Warren has exhibited not only extensive knowledge in physical health and growth, he also has shown athletes like myself how to balance being a finely tuned athlete around a busy lifestyle. I believe one of the most unique qualities Taylor holds, is his ability to be flexible in adapting his training plans around his athlete’s lives and time frames, which is of the utmost importance for athletes like myself. I am always able to communicate with Taylor about my workouts, and I feel as though he takes my feedback and puts it into future training blocks. If I am unable to complete a day of training, Taylor can go in within the next few hours, and re-arrange the next week to comply with the change.
-Andrew CastagneriAndrew dominates the cat 3 field to take the win