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Seek and enjoy

  • By Taylor Warren

#seekandenjoy Driving will get you there, but you may not see much on the way. Walking is good, you'll find the most detail but the amount of ground you can cover is not very compelling. However, see the world from the saddle of a bicycle and you'll discover just the right proportion of speed of travel and seeing all there is to see. Life is one big adventure, and returning to The 303 Project for the 2018 race season is an dream come true. Our 2017 debut was highly successful,...

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Successful transition into the offseason

  • By Taylor Warren

Successful transition into the offseason- Fall is approaching, the days are getting shorter and if you are like most racers around the country, you’ve probably hung up your race hoops for the year. The transitional period is upon us, or the time between your final race of the season and the start of preparations for next year. This period should be used to physically and mentally recharge from the demands of the race season, challenge the mind and body in new ways and reflect on the previous year to reevaluate...

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